The ability to generate ideas and impulsive novel proposals describe the predisposition of the human being to invent something that makes use of the ingenuity, the wond erful ability to find the original ways and the will to transform the environment.

Unleash creativity is a participatory technological project of visual literature.

All writers from the age of 10 who wish to participate in the contest. They will have to do a writing job.

Creativity is a flower that opens, with different petals. The content of the contest whose name is: Let´s free creativity! aims to promote a work of creation of short texts related to creative talent in all fields of life in society. This will be done through a participatory activity that will stimulate participants intellectually using new technologies as a tool.

Registration will be done individually, free of charge. Participants must register or identify themselves on the website. They must write three short texts in 50 words, answer the questionnaire and press the submit button.

There are five pages. The first page introduces the situation. Pages 2, 3, and 4 are formed by illustrations that involve a free space to be filled. The short text, will clearly express personal, social or educational values, that help to mature, to think, to imagine. The fifth page will allow the evaluation of the participant's knowledge.

It is imperative to complete the questionnaire.
Participants are asked to propose a very brief and subtle story of about 50 words (plus or minus 10%), which completes the scenes elaborated by the artist.

The jury will take into account the originality of the written production (the script), creativity (puns, irony, imagination) and grammatical quality of the work produced. Only those works that have correctly answered at least 4 of 5 questions will be pre-selected.

Starting date and deadline for receipt of works:
The activity will begin on January 15, 2017. The deadline to participate is until 12 pm on October 18, 2017.

1st Prize: An illustration of the Imartgine gallery worth 84 euros, 2 books and a diploma

2nd prize: An illustration of the Imartgine gallery worth 84 euros, 1 book and a diploma

3rd prize: An illustration of the Imartgine gallery worth 84 euros, 1 book and a diploma

A qualified jury will choose the best works.
The results will be announced on the page, in the gallery, as well as in each of the pages of participating entities wishing to report the results of the contest, in December 2017. These results will be definitive and can not be appealed.
Prizes can be deserted.

The participation in the contest supposes the acceptance of the rules.